About us

E-commerce since 2018

Vibeforbike is a young e-commerce company founded in 2018 with headquarters in Turin, Italy. It
combines the passion for 2 wheels with the business. Someone one day said: “Do what you love
you will not work one day of your life”
On Vibeforbike.com you can find the best reference brands for the cycling industry.
We talk a lot about bikes, new brands come out on the market, we are strengthening traffic, but
no one has ever thought of how to transport the loved 2 wheels in an easy, safe and fast way; here
is the LTZ Solutions s.r.l.s. that with SeaSucker and Velosock, the cutting edge brand of transport in
the cycling sector, offers the possibility of smart, economical and advantageous solutions.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any need we will be able to satisfy any type of your request.